Create Compete Collaborate

Artswork worked with Creative Junction as part of their Create, Compete, Collaborate Cultural Olympiad Programme and established a new programme of interlinked creative commissions connecting young people in the Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight areas with their counterparts internationally through innovative creative collaborations.


Creative World aimed to engage hard to reach children and young people across Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight in projects that linked to the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, giving young people a voice in influencing the development, delivery and evaluation of work with in which they are engaging.  Young people also had the opportunity to link directly with other young people from across the world to share and celebrate their projects.

Artswork commissioned SPUD Group to project manage the delivery of the commissions.

Key Aims of the Creative World Project:

  • To ensure commissions cover a range of cultural and art forms including if feasible, radio and film and connect Children and Young People (CYP) with their contemporaries overseas
  • To work in and through partnerships
  • To engage communities of Children and Young People principally in out of school settings ensuring access for harder to reach CYP
  • To ensure innovation, quality, depth and reach
  • To develop young people as cultural leaders  exploring the potential to deliver Arts Award as an integral aspect of each commission
  • To ensure there are opportunities for wide sharing and engagement in projects
  • To look for opportunities for knowledge sharing between projects, approaches and experiences digitally (and also face to face if feasible).
  • Ensure good geographic and artform spread across the Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and IOW area.


Breaching Borders

Dance into May


Salisbury Playhouse

World of Wonders

Film (Cass Productions)