World of Wonders

Project Summary:

A unique digital portfolio of young peoples ideas and aspirations to celebrate 2012 with a legacy of new and inspired artworks and media.  To produce a legacy of new digital art that expresses young peoples hopes and aspirations for the future. To help provide new digital media and life skills in video, photography, animation and social media.  To set up new creative partnerships with international young peoples groups and to share, celebrate and reflect on that experience with their peers and the rest of the world.

Project leader: Clinton Osborne (Animation Station)

UK Partner(s): The Lights, Andover (Michael Johnson), Enham Trust, Andover College, EDGE Andover

International Partner:
Upwardly Bound maths and science group of young people not engaged with formal education based in Chicago.

Young People:
UK – Enham Trust, young people, NEET and at risk

USA – Upwardly Bound maths and science group