The Champions

Artswork aims to support all young people and will carry on developing and delivering pioneering work in peer motivation and peer mentoring and in supporting young volunteers.

The Champions project took place between April 2009 and April 2011 and was delivered in the South East and the North East. This two-year programme funded by the Department for Education (formerly Department for Children, Schools and Families) recruited 40 volunteers aged 19 to 25 and trained them up – through an AQA accredited training programme – as peer mentors to work with NEET groups in the North East and the South East.

In the South East, they were partnered up with a young person participating in Artswork’s Future Jobs Fund Programme and the Cultural Takeover programme

The project originally aimed to train a group of young volunteer Peer Motivators, so that they could provide personalised guidance and practical support to NEET (not in education, employment or training) young people wanting to access, or return to, education, employment or training.

Artswork formulated a set of resources – the Personal and Professional Development Toolkit. Each Peer Motivator worked through the Toolkit with their mentees on a sessional basis. The Toolkit covered topics such as learning styles, functional skills, working styles, career values, action planning, and career planning – which included CV building, interview techniques and signposting.