Halani Foulsham Development Manager

IMG_5097Halani joined Artswork as Development Manager in April 2017. Although originally from Hawaii, prior to arriving in the UK, Halani also lived and worked in Massachusetts, New York, Japan, and Ireland. She loves to travel and learn about people and culture.

Her professional interests centre around social responsibility, business development, and fundraising. Halani believes passionately in “triple-bottom line” business practices; working with and protecting organisational cultures that harness this approach. Prior to joining Artswork, Halani’s career focused on business development in healthcare, media education, retail, and even as a former flower shop owner (flowers are her lifelong passion).

When not working in these professional capacities, Halani is busy raising awareness on issues close to her heart, including mental health reform and suicide prevention/postvention. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Boston University (Boston, USA) and a Master of Business Administration from Simmons School of Management (Boston, USA).

Favourite book: Notes from the Underground, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, 1864

Favourite song: Amazing Grace / House of The Rising Sun as performed by Blind Boys of Alabama, 2001

Favourite film: Le Ballon Rouge, Albert Lamorisse, 1956

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