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“Artswork was founded on a simple principle: that enabling young people to engage in the practice and appreciation of the arts in all their forms has huge personal benefits for the health and vitality of their communities.”

(Sir Ken Robinson, Artswork’s Founding Chair)

We believe high-quality arts and cultural experiences can transform the lives of children and young people. As a registered charity, we rely on the generosity of grant-makers, individuals and businesses to maintain and build on our mission – to place arts and culture at the heart of work with, for and by children and young people.

In 2014/15, the support we received enabled us to engage with over 24,000 children and young people and connect with 532 education settings and 230 arts, cultural and youth partners.

With your help, we can continue our work and give young people – and those who work with them – better opportunities, better skills, and a better arts and cultural education. Together we can create opportunities for children and young people to lead, participate, work in, experience and enjoy arts and cultural opportunities regionally, nationally and internationally.

Improve the lives and life chances of children and young people: donate today.

You can support Artswork in a number of different ways. To discuss the work we do and how you can help, please contact us via [email protected], or phone 02380 332491. 


Artswork will not accept financial support or enter into partnerships with any potential funder if:

1. It would be unlawful to accept it e.g. it is known or suspected that the gift comprises the proceeds of criminal activity.
2. That accepting the donation would be detrimental to the achievement of Artswork’s vision and mission, or would be inconsistent with its other policies.
3. The partnership poses a risk to Artswork’s reputation and affects public trust in the charity, which could lead to the loss of credibility, staff, or other supporters and partners.