15-25 apprentices and trainees ENYAN Education Policy Institute explores children and young people’s mental health care in England

“Over the past year, the Education Policy Institute has been exploring children and young people’s mental health care in England. We have highlighted some of the challenges facing the system, such as a rise in demand for services and the ‘treatment gap’ whereby services, on average, turn away 23 per cent of children and young people referred to them for treatment.1

One aspect which has received less attention in recent years is inpatient care. Also known as ‘Tier Four’ services, these are facilities for children and young people with mental health problems who require hospital admission. These can be separate facilities or part of a larger facility that includes units for adults or outpatient services. The Education Policy Institute has analysed the literature and available data to establish what is currently known about the state of inpatient mental health services for children and young people. Information in this report is derived from national datasets including the NHS Digital monthly Mental Health statistics and the NHS England Five Year Forward View for Mental Health Dashboard. We have also included data provided by NHS England on request, and information from the existing literature.”

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