15-25 apprentices and trainees Employer Networks ENYAN South East Bridge More young people spending 12 months not earning or learning, Youth Jobs Index finds

“The government’s quarterly snapshot of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) has been showing a steady decline since 2012. Our research, compiled by The Learning and Work Institute for Impetus-PEF, using the government’s Labour Force Survey data, gives a fuller picture of both how long young people are out of education and employment for and how likely they are to get into a job having been NEET.

Nearly 2 million young people between 16-24 spend some time NEET, with 1 in 10 young people (811,000) spending over a year NEET, an increase on the 714,000 young people we found in this situation last year. Being long-term NEET has negative consequences. Those affected experience poor mental and physical health and earn less over their lifetime.”

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