Funding Your Youth Arts Project

Ideal if you’re looking to add to your skill set, or have a youth arts project in mind but need help securing funding

Unfortunately, there is no magic spell or potion for funding success – behind every successful bid is strong planning, partnerships and preparation. This one-day course is designed for those wanting to develop their fundraising skills. Built on our years of experience in shaping and delivering successful youth arts projects in a range of settings, we are here to provide you with expert advice – from sourcing new partners, to submitting a strong bid.

Course Themes

  • Identifying funding sources for youth arts projects
  • Best practice awareness in planning and preparing your funding applications
  • How to find suitable practitioners and/or partners for your project
  • Understanding the legalities of working with young people
  • How to make the most of what you already have, and how to source what you need

We can offer this course in-house anywhere in the UK, for up to 25 people 

More information can be found here