Developing Partnerships in the Arts and Cultural Sectors

Ideal if you are looking to work in partnership with other organisations to deliver youth arts projects

Looking at the benefits of where, when and how to find the right partner, this course will offer a simple structure for developing and working in partnerships.

Full of practical techniques for working together with other organisations and individuals, the day will leave you equipped to successfully deliver youth arts projects and events through partnerships.  The training will use an interactive approach to explore issues such as defining roles and setting realistic targets, along with troubleshooting for problem areas – including when and how to bow out gracefully if partnerships aren’t working!

You will gain:

  • Tips for identifying and approaching suitable partners
  • Information on how to develop partnerships and partnership agreements
  • Techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of your partnerships

We can offer this course in-house anywhere in the UK, for up to 25 people 

More information can be found here