Arts Award Supporting Arts Award in Libraries in Southampton

Supporting Arts Award in Libraries in Southampton

In 2015, Artswork built on existing project work to support Southampton Libraries to continue their partnership work with Element Arts. Also involved in this work were Theatre in a bag and Southampton Scrapstore. The project’s aims were as follows:

  • Train three more library staff as Arts Award Discover advisers

  • Increase the amount of children completing Arts Award Discover

  • Provide cultural and artistic opportunities for children in libraries, free of charge

  • Further embed Arts Award as a cultural offer from public libraries (in the same way that the Summer Reading Challenge has become a part of many children’s early cultural lives)

Children were provided with creative crafting opportunities based on the theme of ‘dinosaurs’, and were encouraged to borrow dinosaur-themed books from Southampton Libraries. Arts Award Discover was delivered to over 100 children. 

Resource created Wednesday 13th April, 2016
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