South East Bridge A guide to fundraising for Cultural Education Organisations

A guide to fundraising for Cultural Education Organisations

Since 2008, economic and political factors have brought about significant changes in the funding available to charities, community organisations and other not-for- profit organisations. The effect of these changes has been to make fundraising more competitive, more time-consuming and much more challenging.

Fundraising remains a wide field, involving anything from a car boot sale to the major sums and complex applications of the BIG Lottery Fund and the competitive tendering processes of the public sector.

There are many sources of funds that can be developed, each with its own particular characteristics. In the first part of this guide we look at these various sources, where to find information on them, how to choose which to develop and what is needed to gain funds from them.

The second part looks in more detail at the processes and requirements of voluntary sector funders, including the BIG Lottery; public sector tendering and some practical ideas on fundraising in the community and from individuals. 

Resource created Tuesday 21st June, 2016
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