English National Youth Arts Network NSPCC: How Safe Are Our Children? 2016

NSPCC: How Safe Are Our Children? 2016

"How Safe are our Children 2016 comes at a time when we are re ecting on ChildLine’s 30th year – an opportunity to consider the changes that have taken place over the decades from both the child’s and

the service’s perspective. Thirty years ago most of our contacts came via traditional red telephone boxes on the sides of roads. Now the majority of our counselling sessions take place online.

The all-pervasive nature of the internet means that young lives online and of ine cannot be separated out. Child safety online needs to be a fundamental consideration in our services – and everyone else’s. Understanding and responding to risk online is essential. Educating children and families in staying safe online is a crucial part of the answer but industry and government have responsibilities too. In 2015, the number of URLS containing children sexual abuse images identi ed by the Internet Watch Foundation was up 118 per cent on a year ago. This will need global prioritisation to be tackled effectively."

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Resource created Monday 15th August, 2016
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