English National Youth Arts Network Children's Digital Needs and Libraries - A Report

Children's Digital Needs and Libraries - A Report

"In April 2014, ASCEL commissioned Shared Intelligence to carry out a high level review of:
• how children are using digital technology for learning – and what is the evidence on effectiveness;
• how libraries, museums and other organisations are already using digital technology to facilitate learning;
• how digital technology for children’s learning is changing and what might be expected over the next five to ten years;
• how libraries might support new digital trends to aide children’s learning through

The focus of this research was on young children of pre-school and primary age. For practical purposes, we interpreted this as three to eleven year olds, though in the desk research we use examples of older children using technology to illuminate issues of relevance to younger children. Where possible we distinguish between younger and older children within the age group."

Resource created Wednesday 3rd December, 2014
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