Youth Report UK 2014

"Welcome to Youth Report 2014, our second synthesis of data and statistics about young people and youth services. The focus of this year’s snapshot
is the relationships between young people and the economy and it also sets out to get people thinking about young people in a slightly different way.
Their lives are more complicated than employed or unemployed, their contribution to the economy more nuanced than the percentage who have jobs. By showing as much as we can about how they live and work, we hope to give a new face to often tired conversations about young people’s struggles to enter the labour market and young people’s housing woes. As in 2013, we have found available data to be incomplete and inconsistent. The good news is that there are many more data sources out there on young people. The case for collaboration on data remains and Youth Report hopes to stimulate it."

Resource created Monday 2nd February, 2015
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