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Empowering children and young people through arts and culture

Artswork enables children and young people through arts and culture to find their voice, become skilled leaders and achieve their aspirations. Building strategic alliances, Artswork specialises in advocating for change and delivering positive outcomes for children and young people.

A registered charity, we are a leading advocate for the importance of arts and cultural practice, we are a catalyst for developing young people’s skills and employability in the creative and cultural industries.

We work to connect and collaborate across sectors to improve children and young people’s lives. We also are a source of inspiration and practical support for those engaging with young people, enhancing their expertise and building bridges between cultural and educational organisations to strengthen infrastructure, facilitate partnerships, and sustain access to the arts and culture.


Support Children and Young People During Covid Crisis

Helping Children and Young People Thrive…

not just survive. Many children and young people across the South East live in poverty and challenging circumstances, compounded by Covid-19. Artswork is working with partners across the South East region to distribute creative packs to the children and young people who most need them. Just £10 will help a child or young person thrive. Thank you.


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Meet the Team

Artwork's Staff, Trustees and Trainers have a wealth of experience working across various sectors and in a variety of backgrounds. They bring their unique knowledge to our work and enrich Artswork's mission

Group of children performing Billy Elliot raise their arms in triumph


What We Do

Empowering children and young people through arts and culture

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