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Statement of Intent

Artswork’s mission is to place the arts, culture and artistic practice at the heart of work for, with and by children and young people. Within this, and guided by our core values, we recognise that we have an ethical, moral and legal responsibility to safeguard the environment through our practices and activities. We are committed to monitoring and reducing our environmental impact as an integral part of our business strategy and operations.

Artswork recognises that good environmental management makes good business sense by enabling us to fulfil our legal obligations, control environmental risks, reduce liabilities, save money and enhance our reputation. We believe that in order to be a sustainable organisation we should consider our environmental, social and financial performance and responsibilities.

Artswork aspires to be a learning organisation, and we recognise that through collaboration and knowledge sharing, we can continue to develop and embed this policy in our work and encourage the people we work with to engage with us as we learn about and explore these issues.



Jane Bryant, Chief Executive, is responsible for ensuring that the environmental policy and action plan is implemented. All our employees and sub-contractors have a responsibility within their own areas of work to ensure that the aims of the policy and targets in the action plan are met.

Environmental Policy Aims

To ensure good environmental performance, Artswork will:

  • comply with all regulatory requirements and go beyond legal compliance
  • encourage active employee involvement
  • monitor our environmental impact through Arts Council England’s IG Tools
  • reduce our environmental impact by implementing our action plan
  • review our environmental action plan annually and incorporate environmental considerations into business decisions
  • communicate our aims and ambitions to our stakeholders and audiences

Monitoring and Assessment

Artswork’s Chief Executive will monitor the implementation of the action plan and report on progress annually to the Trustees and Arts Council England as part of our year-end report.

Policy Review

Artswork’s Environmental Policy & Action Plan will be reviewed:

  • at least annually
  • whenever there are significant changes to the organisation or our work
  • when we carry out new activities with different impacts
  • if environmental or social factors necessitate a change in business practices
  • whenever there are changes to legislation in this area

Last review: August 2017

Next review: August 2018

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