Our mission, vision and aims

Artswork’s mission is to place arts, culture and artistic and creative practice at the heart of work for, with, and by children and young people.


Artswork champions, leads and facilitates young people’s engagement with extraordinary art and culture and supports the development of young arts practitioners and leaders. Working through strategic alliances with arts, cultural and education and youth sectors, Artswork acts as a leader and specialist organisation of influence. We work locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in and through partnerships – shaping cultural and education policies and practice – and acting as a national champion to increase opportunities for children and young people to lead, participate, work in and enjoy the arts and culture.



Artswork’s vision is of a society in which:

  • Young people of all ages have the opportunity to experience, participate in, and grow through the arts and culture
  • Arts and culture enables children and young people to find their voice, build arts, cultural and leadership skills and inform and influence their world
  • Active engagement with the arts and culture will enhance and transform the life chances of children and young people, informing their personal development and developing their aspiration, ambition, creativity, employability, self-worth and resilience.

Artswork aspires to be:

  • A source of inspiration for young people and for those engaging with them
  • A national hub and centre of excellence, innovation and best practice in the development of arts and cultural practice for, with and by children and young people
  • A catalyst for work-based learning in the creative and cultural industries and for the development of young people’s entrepreneurial, employability and leadership skills
  • A leading advocate for the vital importance of the work of this sector across the UK and internationally.

Artswork’s values:

  • Innovation, creativity and excellence
  • Equality, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Integrity
  • Excellent communication
  • Collaboration, resilience and flexibility
  • Respect, honesty, humility and generosity of spirit
  • The aspirations and contributions of individuals.
  • Artswork operates a socially responsible business.  Its business practices are professional, effective and sustainable.

 Artswork specifically aims to:

  • Lead and strengthen arts and cultural engagement with children and young people, in formal and informal settings, and especially those who are disengaged, at risk, or hard to reach
  • Recognise, facilitate and lead the development of opportunities for work-based learning, apprenticeships, employability, entrepreneurship and skills development amongst young people and cultural and creative employers
  • Enhance expertise, skills, knowledge and understanding of the arts and culture, across all sectors, in work for, with and by children and young people
  • Build and facilitate cross-sector partnerships between those working in the arts and culture and those working with children and young people – including schools and other education settings – to strengthen the infrastructure for, and increase  access to, high quality practice
  • Collect and share evidence of good practice and success stories, including those of individuals,  to inform the sustainable development of work for, with and by children and young people
  • Actively promote networking, partnership and collaboration throughout the field of arts and cultural development with young people of all ages
  • Practice effective governance, leadership and management of Artswork, ensuring equality of opportunity and sustainability in all areas of our work


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