Announcing our newest Partnership Investment: Reading Borough Council, Readipop, and Reading Cultural Education Partnership to join forces

Date Created: 29th Jan 2018

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We are excited to announce the launch of our newest Partnership Investment programme – a collaboration between Artswork, Reading Borough Council, Readipop, and Reading Cultural Education Partnership. The programme of work will focus on the connection between Reading Cultural Education Partnership and schools in the region. Working strategically in this area also supports the Great Places initiative in Place Making, by enabling children to take part in Reading’s arts and culture through schools, building sustainable relationships with local arts and cultural organisations.

By August 2019, the programme aims to:

  • Engage with 5000 children and young people in the area and encourage their participation in arts and culture by August 2019
  • Enable 1500 young people to undertake training, achieve skills and accreditation, preparing them for employment in the cultural sector, or equipping them to use creative skills in their chosen field of employment
  • Work with 1500 children and young people as they engage in Arts Award, with at least 750 achieving Discover, Bronze, Silver or Gold Arts Award
  • Work with 10 schools and colleges in Reading to gain Artsmark status (this accounts for 20% of the schools within Reading Borough). Further aims include 10 more schools registering to begin their Artsmark journey.

These outcomes will also work to support strategic change within Reading’s new Great Places programme, through:

  • exploring new ways to include arts, culture and heritage in the provision of local education and health services
  • researching the contribution made by arts, culture and heritage to local economies
  • piloting new ways of financing cultural organisations
  • developing local strategies that maximise the community benefit of local arts, culture and heritage
  • helping people working within arts, culture and heritage to build networks and increase their skills

“This programme will provide a new way of working for Arts Award and Artsmark in Reading, both in schools and within arts and cultural organisations. It will ensure a new multi-agency approach to up-skilling arts and cultural workers and young people, as well as contribute to making Reading a ‘Great Place’ to live and work in. We look forward to working with Reading Schools to ensure that children and young people get the chance to create and take part in arts and cultural activities.”

(Reading Cultural Education Partnership) 

We look forward to sharing updates with you all over the coming months! In the meantime, head to Reading’s Cultural Education Partnership website to find out more about their work



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