Artswork goes to Chile: Jane’s Jottings 20.08.17

Date Created: 21st Aug 2017

red abstract modernistic statue in park

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I have arrived! The flight went okay and all on time, but the queues in Santiago airport were the longest queues I have ever seen in any airport. The queue for passport control took almost an hour to get through. And then followed another queue – to have bags scanned. I finally emerged from the airport nearly 2 hours after I had landed.

I arrived safely in my hotel and then took a walk around the local area. I was in for a treat! The sun was shining and over to the west behind the high-rises of the City, were clear glimpses of the snow-capped Andes mountains. I found a wonderful City Sculpture Park: Parque de las Esculturas. This was originally established between 1986 and1988 as a creative response following massive flooding of Rio Mapocho in 1982. With occasional views of the snow-covered mountains as a backdrop, the park was dotted with 40 sculptures by contemporary Chilean artists. An inspiring start to my Chilean experience.

Tonight, a meeting with Emma Crook, our Chile Cultural Coordinator and Translator, and with Nick Owen from The Mighty Creatives. We will be preparing for a very full day tomorrow:

  • A meeting with Educacion 2020 and the British Council
  • A presentation and discussion at the British Embassy with the Committee of Education of the Chamber of British Chilean Chamber of Commerce
  • A meeting with the Director of Education, Development Education, Cognita

After the planning meeting? And so, to sleep…jet lag is catching up with me!


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