Artswork hosts first CPD event from Champion Schools programme in BOBMK

Date Created: 8th Oct 2021

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Last month, Artswork hosted a CPD event for teachers around building creative partnerships. This was the first open CPD event to come from Artwork’s Champion Schools programme in the Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes (BOBMK) region. Eleanor Markland, Education Development Manager for this region, tells about the event and speakers.

The theme was chosen because although successful partnerships can bring so much to a school community and Partnerships is a key Artsmark criteria, many report starting and sustaining partnership working to be a challenge. From their own practice in primary schools, each of the three Champions offered a different perspective on building and sustaining creative effective partnership working.

Jonathan Harris, Head of Academy Music at The Premier Academy in Bletchley, focused on the possibilities brought through working with external arts, cultural and heritage organisations both local, national and international. He shared some great links and recommendations, but his basic advice was to make sure your school becomes known as approachable and keen to say yes! 

Verity Tyne, Art Lead at Whitelands Park Primary School in Thatcham, spoke about how she had developed productive links first with her local secondary school and then with fellow art leads in other primary schools. Her cluster group focused on sharing creative practice, making a space where teachers could come together to be creative and try out practical activities planned for lessons.  

Kirsten Black, Art Lead at Glory Farm Primary School in Bicester, has been working closely with her local Cultural Education Partnership in north Oxfordshire and spoke about the opportunities she and her school have gained through that relationship. She is a fantastic advocate for CEPs as a route for schools to initiate and establish partnerships. Find out if your area has a CEP here. 

As Education Development Manager for BOBMK, I have had the pleasure of working with these hugely knowledgeable and creative people through the Champions programme and I hope you find the recording and presentations as inspirational as I did the live event.

To view the recordings and presentations, click here.


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