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Artswork’s movement and creativity with Joli Vyann

Date Created: 9th Nov 2023

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In a lively exploration of movement and creativity, as a part of Artswork’s Young Cultural Changemaker programme, we recently hosted an engaging circus skills and acrobatics workshop at Brockenhurst College. The College is a friendly, inclusive and stimulating environment where students are encouraged to fulfil their potential and follow their dreams. The workshop was led by the talented duo Jan and Olivia from Joli Vyann- performance company that present an innovative fusion of circus, dance and theatre. Through the use of acrobatic tricks, fluid choreography and inventive characters, Joli Vyann endeavour to create storylines that draw in their audiences, firing their imaginations. This combination of surprise and enchanting physical journeys seeks to make Joli Vyann’s work accessible to new and diverse audiences. Artswork was delighted to organise this immersive experience, especially targeted to Performing Arts Students where they were encouraged to explore how the techniques and skills, they learned might impact their creative journey and how they can express their ideas through movement. 

The students at Brockenhurst College embraced the workshop with enthusiasm, finding inspiration in the guidance of Jan and Olivia. Young faces beamed with a sense of achievement as they mastered lifts and movements within just an hour which was very inspiring to witness. As the workshop concluded, young participants engaged in discussion exploring how movement can express our connection with the environment. These discussions and insights will lead to exciting projects in the coming months. 


This workshop mirrors Artswork’s commitment to connecting with young minds in unique ways, which will not only help in conducting future creative projects but also reflects the students’ journey of self-discovery. Brockenhurst College’s collaboration with Joli Vyann showcases the institution’s dedication to fostering artistic expression, a partnership that Artswork is proud to be part of. 


This programme is made possible with support from Arts Council England. 

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