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Careers Café at the Regis School

Date Created: 6th Dec 2023

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On 21st November 2023, Artswork partnered with Culture Shift  to facilitate a Careers Café for 50 Year nine students and seven professionals from diverse creative industries at The Regis School in Dover. The intention was to inspire young people and raise awareness of the wide range of professions available in the creative industries. The students had the opportunity to explore various careers in marketing, design, journalism, poetry, and more. The industry professionals led engaging workshops, giving students a firsthand look at what their daily jobs entail. 

Students were exposed to a variety of creative disciplines, from Mandie Wraxall’s practical zine-making project to Sophia Tyndal Bristow’s perceptive look at the film industry. Every workshop was created with the intention of inspiring students to discover their own creative potential as well as educating them. 

In a concluding survey, an overwhelming 89% of students said the workshop had improved their understanding of creative jobs. Some standout quotes from students include: 

  • “I have found a passion for journalism.” 
  •  “[I learnt that] I can be very creative.” 
  •  “[I was surprised by] how many jobs come under the creative industries.” 

Many students expressed newfound confidence in their creative abilities. Some shared their thoughts: 

  • “I never thought journalism could be so exciting!” 
  • “I realised that creativity isn’t just for artists – it’s in everything we do.” 
  • “The variety of jobs in the creative industries is mind-blowing!” 

In addition to introducing students to the wide range of creative careers, the Careers Café highlighted the value of creativity in every aspect of life. The workshops were not just about career paths but about nurturing a mindset that values creativity and expression. 

The partnership between Artswork, Culture Shift , and The Regis School  proved how effective collaborations can be in producing unique educational experiences. By bringing professionals into the workshop, the facilitators helped students make the connection between theory and practise by providing them with real-world experience. 

The success of the Careers Café has generated excitement for future events. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from both students and professionals indicate a growing interest in exploring and celebrating creativity in education. 

In conclusion, The Regis School’s Careers Café was more than simply a one-day event; it served as an opportunity for discovering passions, realising potential, and understanding the limitless nature of creativity. These students are only starting their journey into the world of creative careers, and we are excited to see where their newfound creativity leads them. 

Find Careers Cafe full infographic here.

This programme is made possible with support from Arts Council England. 

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