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Date Created: 29th Nov 2017

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Artswork, in partnership with Royal Opera House and Norwich and Norfolk Festival Bridges, is delighted to be launching the Future Views Toolkit

Future Views is a forward-looking research project, aiming to imagine the next generation of cultural learning. Artswork, Royal Opera House Bridge, and Festival Bridge worked together with three Cultural Education Partnerships (CEPs) across the South East.

Together, we commissioned Bridget McKenzie and Susanne Buck of Flow Associates to run a series of discussions, both online and in real-world workshops. For part of the project, Flow were joined by interns Alexandra Bagão, and Fatima Khuzem who helped with the design and trialling of the workshop. This and the other tools are intended to support exploration of big questions about making and consuming culture, learning, and working in the future.

This toolkit shares their findings and the workshop tools for any CEPs to use for their own consultation and future planning.

The research consulted with young people and cultural leaders to explore:

  • What are the emerging technologies, organisational behaviours and critical trends in the world that might shape cultural learning in a local context?
  • If these changes are happening, how and where in their lives will CYP be making and consuming what kinds of art & culture?
  • In education and technology, how will these changes impact on CYP’s opportunities to access art & culture towards their learning?
  • If there are these changes in the wider world, what skills will young people need to access meaningful employment?

How to use the Toolkit

Where are we now

Examines the drivers for change in the future

Views of the Future

The evidence so far from young people about how they see the future

Routes to the Future

Find out how to contribute to our research and how to run your own Future Views

Artswork have since commissioned Flow to run several Future Views workshops as the basis for shared conversations between young people and CEPs in the SE Bridge region. They are exploring a range of possible and probable future scenarios to give participants a fresh perspective on their ‘route-map to the future’. Partnerships are using the workshop to inform a huge variety of future plans including bids for European Capital of Culture, ACE applications, and new projects connecting schools, youth organisations and cultural providers.

If you would like to run your own Future Views workshop the slides can be downloaded on the website or you can contact [[email protected]] to discuss the various ways the workshop can be applied.

With thanks also to Morph Associates for the website and toolkit design.

View the Future Views Toolkit


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