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The ICE Project unveils new film created by young people from Hampshire CAMHS

Date Created: 29th Nov 2017

Person's hands holding four polaroid photos of four young people with the definition of the word journeys written across the hands 'Journeys/ jur-nee/ plural, a travelling from one place to another,/ passage of progress from one stage to another.

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Supported by Artswork, Hampshire Cultural Trust and Hampshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, ICE – Inspire // Create // Exchange – aims to address and explore important mental health issues in young people using high-quality arts and culture.

The project will measure impact and share positive outcomes, and in doing so will seek to influence organisational change. For each phase or project group, there will be three stages:  Inspire – an inspiration point, such as a trip to a cultural venue; Create – a participation phase such as regular workshops with professional artists, musicians or cultural practitioners; and finally, Exchange – showcasing opportunities, such as performance, exhibitions or online sharing of work created.

Journeys – Hampshire CAMHS from Strong Island Media on Vimeo.

This film was created by young people from Hampshire CAMHS, in the New Forest. The group worked together to decide on their message, storyboard and script, then used the professional camera to create this original short film.

Find out more about this work here…


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