Inspired Start to Arun Inspires

Date Created: 30th Oct 2019

Male teacher looks and listens to a group discussion

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In the District of Arun, West Sussex, our new strategic cultural development programme, Arun Inspires, kicked off in earnest this autumn.

In September we held our first Creative Network Meeting for those working with Children and young people and the arts in the District.

The aim was to draw people together from across the sector and the area to share practices and skills, understand more about one another’s work and hopefully kick off some new partnerships.

The event was brilliantly attended, with representatives from across youth work  and the independent culture sector locally as well as from larger local arts organisation and local government vividly evidencing the appetite for new ways of working together for children and young people locally.  Meetings will continue on a quarterly basis for the life for the 3 year project and we are confident some fantastic new collaborations and projects will emerge from it.

Contact Programme Manager Rebecca East via or visit our Arun Inspires page to find out more.

Words: Beccy East



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