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Inspiring Creativity and Change: Dover’s Tote Bag Design

Date Created: 21st Aug 2023

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As part of our Young Cultural Changemakers programme, we held a creative event on August 13th in Dover as part of White Cliffs Countryside Partnership’s Sunday Fun Day at Fort Burgoyne. This event brought the young people of Dover together and offered them the chance to be creative in an informal setting, whilst also sharing their thoughts and ideas for Dover. Led by local artist, Pen and Plant, the event was successful in leaving an impression on our young participants, shaping their perspectives and giving them the chance to get creative and decorate a bag to take home with them. 

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant local flora, Dover’s young people infused their creative ideas onto the tote bags whilst also thinking about ways in which we can improve our local environment. Participants were encouraged to share their insights on improving their local outdoor spaces and what changes could be made to make them better. 

The young minds were immersed in the creative process, engaging in discussions about their surroundings whilst crafting their creative ideas onto tote bags. The workshop not only resonated with Artswork’s mission of providing a platform for young voices but also ignited discussions about caring for our environment. 

Artswork is committed to fostering creative thinking, young people engagement, and bringing positive change through such initiatives. The event showcased the potential of young people to be active contributors to their environment, aligning perfectly with the core values of Artswork’s Cultural Changemakers programme. 

As the day concluded, we weren’t only left with beautifully designed tote bags, but an inspiration and determination to cultivate a more engaged community. The insights gained from this event will impact our future creative projects to enrich local spaces and communities, which will be led by the young people of Dover. 

This programme is supported using funding from Arts Council England.  


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