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Looking Back with Artswork’s 2021 Graduating Apprentices | Harry, Creative Apprentice at Artswork

Date Created: 15th Jun 2021

Image of Harry head and shoulders view wearing a pink and white stripe shirt stood in front of a display of his photography work

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Apprenticeships offer much more than a boost to your CV. For our Communications Apprentice Harry, it reignited his creative practice outside of work and gave him the confidence to recognise his place as a professional in the arts and cultural sector…

When I look back over my time as an apprentice at Artswork, I’m amazed at how far I have come and how much I have learnt. Heading into my apprenticeship, I didn’t know how to start a career, I felt my employability skills were limited, and I had no experience of working within the arts and cultural sector. However, all that has changed now.

I have not only experienced growth in my skills and knowledge of the work I do and the industry we’re in, but have also experienced growth within myself. It has opened my eyes to so many more possibilities and opportunities. I feel like I am a professional, ready to launch an exciting career in the industry I love.

I chose an apprenticeship because as I was looking for jobs, I didn’t feel like I knew enough about working life to take a job without the opportunity to learn more about the industry whilst gaining experience. When job hunting, the number of junior/entry-level positions available was limited and none of them spoke to me apart from the Artswork apprenticeship, which ticked all the boxes; being able to work in my preferred industry, doing a job role that interests me, while knowing I had the chance to learn in a supportive environment along the way.

I would recommend a work-based learning route into the creative industry to other young people, because I feel it teaches you much more about the industry you are stepping into and the different job roles that exist out there – much more than other career avenues. The skills you pick up are transferrable into your job role straight away and learning alongside working really helps you to map and see your development as you go along. Having work-based learning on your CV is also extremely valuable as it shows you have experience working within, and an understanding of the sector.

From a personal perspective, I feel doing an apprenticeship at Artswork has increased my employability skills, and most importantly, it has boosted my confidence tenfold. Being confident in my learning and my work is the very first thing you need to be able to enjoy your work and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

One of the great things about this apprenticeship has been that we were always encouraged to follow our own creative passions outside of our apprenticeship job roles. This was sewn into our training by having the opportunity to talk about our own practices and interests and being encouraged to take time to research and learn about our own passions and explore how they relate to our jobs. This got me back into photography and really inspired me to take my camera out again and reignited my love for documentary and street photography. I now have a photography Instagram account and website once again and can’t wait to see where this leads me!

For #NationalApprenticeshipsWeek2021 Harry took to Twitter to answer your questions on all things apprenticeships. Click here to read the contents of his informative Twitter takeover. 


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