Looking Back with Artswork’s 2021 Graduating Apprentices | Megan, Creative Apprentice at Quay Arts and Ventnor Exchange

Date Created: 14th Jul 2021

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Megan’s apprenticeship journey has seen her confidence grow from strength to strength, helping her take the first steps towards a career in arts marketing and music and live events planning…

I chose this Events Assistant apprenticeship as a path into the live events industry. Having applied for live events degrees at University but knowing that wasn’t the right route for me, I deferred entry for a year in the hope that a better option would come along in the meantime. I feel so lucky that it did because I knew that studying at University wouldn’t suit my learning style, an apprenticeship on the other hand has been perfect.

I love the way that it’s so hands-on. I’ve learnt so much whilst working in a professional team and carrying out tasks in the workplace, and with the added training from Artswork, I feel I have a great understanding of the whole Events Assistant qualification, especially having experienced working across two organisations; Quay Arts and Ventnor Exchange. I’ve really enjoyed learning something whilst I’m doing it, or learning something new in training and being able to put it into practice soon after. This style of practical learning has been really beneficial to me and really helped me feel confident in my abilities.

Confidence has been a huge thing that this apprenticeship has helped me with. When I started 18 months ago, I was very nervous and would ask for help with everything – this is another great thing about apprenticeships, there’s always someone to ask for help when you need it! But now I’m confident in my role and happy to use initiative to complete tasks, even hosting events and external meetings.

Soundcheck logo: Soundcheck, A Music Industry Crash Course

My proudest moment of my apprenticeship was my project for my end point assessment. I organised and hosted the virtual music industry conference Soundcheck: A Music Industry Crash Course, where myself and another young person hosted Q&A’s and panel discussions with industry professionals. This was a great achievement for me as it meant I got to put all of my learning to use, and it was also a testament to how much my confidence had grown as I was able to actually host the event myself. I also received praise from Arts Council England for this event which was a great way to wrap up my apprenticeship experience.

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My apprenticeship has led to me extending my placements with my employers, providing maternity cover for marketing at Quay Arts and coordinating the Free Fringe at the Ventnor Fringe Festival with Ventnor Exchange. I’m so excited about both of these opportunities, I know this added experience, alongside my apprenticeship, will give me a route into the creative industry. I have also just begun some work experience writing interviews for a fashion magazine which came from a meeting for Ventnor Exchange.

I can’t recommend apprenticeships enough as a route into the creative industries. They’re a great way to learn a lot and receive so much support whilst experiencing a real working environment. I think this is incredibly beneficial for young people as it gives them a chance to ask questions and try new things in a space that has been made for them to do that. My apprenticeship has allowed me to get used to working in an office and creative environments, to learn so much and gain so many new skills, all whilst gaining a qualification. It has also helped me grow massively as a person in terms of confidence and drive, to allow me to undertake the new opportunities my apprenticeship has provided me with.

Megan recently starred in the second episode of Amplify, making her voice heard on the subject of Young Creatives. You can find out more about Megan’s experience working for two creative and cultural organisations on the Isle of Wight, and hear more thoughts on her apprenticeship journey with Artswork, by having a listen below:

If you think an apprenticeship would suit your learning style visit the government’s Find an Apprenticeship site to find apprenticeship opportunities near you or keep a look out on our Opportunities page for apprenticeship opportunities at/with Artswork.


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