National Bridge Network launch Amplify with film on youth mental health and wellbeing

Date Created: 14th May 2021

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Amplify, a youth voice collaboration between Arts Council England’s Bridge organisations has launched today. It will demonstrate the practice and power of youth voice in creative, cultural, youth and educational settings, becoming a resource for organisations looking to develop their knowledge of how youth voice can be embedded into their work and the industry as a whole.

Amplify will release a series of bi-weekly film and audio content, showing the impact of youth voice in organisations across the country, the first of which is out now. This week’s film centres around wellbeing, showcasing how organisations in Leicester and Kent are supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the young people they work with alongside using youth voice to create positive change.

You can watch the film here.

Alongside the film and audio content, there will be live Instagram interviews (Instaviews) which will be streamed on Voice Magazine’s Instagram (@voicemaguk). These interviews will also be available to watch on the Amplify website.

The first Instaview will be this Wednesday (19th May 2021), with theatre ensemble, Tangled Feet and will be available to watch on demand on Voice’s IGTV and here soon.

The next episode will explore how organisations can support young people to take their first steps into the creative sector and will be available to listen to here.

Find out more about Amplify by visiting the brand new Amplify website here.

Artswork is Arts Council England’s Bridge organisation for the South East. To find out what we do, visit our South East Bridge page here.


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