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Date Created: 16th Oct 2017

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I have been working at City Eye in Projects and Administration for over 5 years. I first applied for a role with City Eye through the job centre as part of the Future Jobs Fund, a scheme to help young people looking for work supported by the Department for Work & Pensions and run by Artswork. After the six month scheme, City Eye then offered me the role I have now.

During my time at City Eye I have developed my skills as an Independent Filmmaker, this allows me to help more on film making projects such as the one I have recently completed with Richard Taunton College, supported by Artswork.

For this project, Susan, Ben and I (from City Eye) worked with two groups of music and performing arts sixth form students to create two music videos.The purpose of this project was to create a film from a brief in a work experience setting. Film making is great work experience as you have to be organised, punctual and work well as a team. The best teams are made up of individuals who have different skills and abilities that complement the skills of others they work with. The students on this project discovered what roles they were good at and the area’s where they needed one of their peers to help.

The first group, who were all music students, came up with a concept for their film very quickly and worked well throughout the week to create a shared vision of the music video. The song was an original creation from 3 members of the group which they composed during the first two days of the project. The film ‘Runaway’ was about a young man who runs away from home after an argument with his Dad. He meets other young people whilst he is walking, all of whom have their own personal struggles.

Group 2 was a mixture of music and performing arts students. They also created a concept for the film on the first day and by the end of the second day two members of the group had written new original lyrics to accompany an old song and another member of the group recorded and edited the audio. The film ‘Love in Reverse’ is about a young couple who reflect on the journey of their relationship as it reaches the end. Both groups at the end of their weeks got to share a rough cut of their work with some of the Artswork Staff. Their final films will be shared at a college screening in March.

I enjoyed working with the students to help them create two original music videos. It is always nice to see groups with little film experience work together to create a film and explore all the different roles, especially when they discover an aspect of the job they really love doing.

Working on projects like this is great for me as a filmmaker as I can share my knowledge and experience with  others but I almost always find out something new or figure out a new way of doing something that I can use for my own film making too.

Once they had discovered which film making roles they liked to do and the roles they were good at, I think the students enjoyed making the films. Both groups had lots of energy and enthusiasm, which was great when they were able to focus that on developing the film. The process of making a film was a little bit of a surprise to some of the group as they hadn’t realised the planning and post-production elements would need more time and hard work than the actual filming.

I hope all the students we’ve worked with on this project are proud of the music videos they have created and I’m looking forward to seeing the final products at the college screening in March.

Words by Rachel Stephens

Monday 18th January, 2016


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