Riptide: Observations of Marine Pollution by Young Photographers

Date Created: 26th Jun 2018

Gallery display of art work produced during the programme including cyanotypes shown on the wall in rows, coloured jars containing marine plants and pollutants and a magnifying glass next to an enlarged image of things found under the microscope.

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We are pleased to be supporting Riptide, the culmination of a six-month STEAM programme (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) led by an alliance of Eastbourne schools with Photoworks and STEM Sussex.

The programme has created new opportunities for art and science teachers to collaborate with photographers and marine ecologists. planning and delivering cross-curricular projects for their students. Using both creative and scientific activities, students learnt why urgent changes are needed to protect our oceans and coastlines from plastic pollution.

Through a series of lessons, workshops and talks, using a range of creative processes and scientific experiments including chromatography, cyanotypes, photograms, stop-motion and sculpture, students have made work reflecting their thoughts on the impact of plastics on our beaches and marine life.

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adjacent image by Annis Joselin


South East Bridge

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