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Safe & Sound Event in Slough

Date Created: 22nd Mar 2024

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As a pro-social response to knife crime and as a tribute to lost friends, Safe & Sound emerged as a symbol of hope and creativity for the youth of Slough. Held on February 14th at The Curve, Slough, this event was a platform for young people to explore their creativity, voice their concerns, and connect with their community. In collaboration with Together As One and the youth of Slough, Safe & Sound aimed to empower the younger generation with the hope to create positive change through creative exploration. 

The event featured a wide range of activities from exhilarating 3×3 basketball tournaments to moving spoken word performances by local poet Desree. Safe & Sound was successful in providing a memorable experience for the young people of Slough where participants also had the opportunity to explore their creativity in art workshops led by illustrator Raj Dhunna and engage with an interactive art installation by Fahima Mahbub and Prima Gouse. Additionally, Beat Routes facilitated DJ workshops, allowing young people to explore the world of music and express themselves through rhythm and beats. 

Safe & Sound was the vision of the young people with their commitment to creating a positive, pro-social event. Ruth, Artswork Creative Producer for Slough, praised the young people for their exceptional achievement, stating, “This event was an opportunity to fund and produce a genuinely impactful creative and cultural youth-led event. My initial concerns were soon dissipated as I realised the energy to create a pro-social event was at the core of the young people’s vision.” 

Eisa, a 17-year-old participant, reflected on the event’s significance, noting, “This event allowed us to bring the community together and show that everyone has a hidden talent. We made a difference through bringing different people together and changed our community for the better.” Ruth – our Creative Producer in Slough – also shared exciting plans for the future, expressing her commitment to working with another group of young people in Slough to expand Safe & Sound into a longer programme of evening and weekend events. 

With Artswork’s dedication to nurturing creativity and amplifying youth voice to bring positive change in communities, Safe & Sound stands as a testament to the power of youth-led projects and serves as a foundation for ongoing projects aimed to empower and uplift young people.  

Safe & Sound would not have been possible without the generous support of various organisations and individuals. Artswork extends its gratitude to Together As One, Beat Routes, Desree, Rajdraws, GG3x3, SaltHill VR, Slough Borough Council, The Curve, and Matthew Fleming – the dedicated photographer who captured the essence of the event. 

This project is supported by public funding from Arts Council England. 

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