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Start project in Kent to teach 400 school children about the arts

Date Created: 28th Nov 2016

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Four hundred school children from five Kent Coastal Alliance schools in Whitstable, Herne Bay and Reculver are taking part in an arts project with Turner Contemporary.

The Start project, run by Turner Contemporary and Children & the Arts with support from Artswork, will involve children aged 5-14 travelling to the gallery to work with artists, dancers, photographers, archivists and ceramicists as they explore, learn and create artworks around the local story of the Pudding Pan Pots. One Headteacher spoke highly about his students’ engagement with the work on display as part of the project:

“I spoke recently with a group of Year 10 students who had all visited the Adventures in Colour exhibition and it was so interesting to hear them talk about different ways of seeing and about the influence of the sea on their lives. They are now engaged in creating their own responses to the sea, as part of the Arts Award.”
(Andrew Fowler, Head Teacher of Dane Court Grammar School)

The Start programme is supported by Artswork as part of our Partnership Investment work.

Find out more about it here… 



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