Does studying arts benefit secondary school aged students and the economy? asks ART31 Youth Board Member, Sophie

Date Created: 25th Oct 2017

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ART31 Youth Board member Sophie is currently taking her Gold Arts Award. She’s researched the impact that studying the arts can have on secondary school aged students, as well as the effect the arts can have on the economy. We asked Sophie a few questions about her research, and what it’s like taking a Gold Arts Award.
“[I’m surprised] I managed to find so much information out there proving how the arts can benefit students, yet the government does not take this into account and still decides to cut funding. There is evidence to suggest the arts can help with wellbeing, which is particularly important now with the increased mental health problems that young people seem to be suffering with. Surely if they invested in students’ wellbeing then they wouldn’t need to spend so much on treating mental health issues in the future. I feel that a more holistic approach is needed and the arts are key.”

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