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Date Created: 22nd Mar 2016

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Reading Cultural Education Partnership recently convened its third meeting, having been successful in receiving support from Artswork for its development phase of work, which will help the Partnership produce an activity plan. Chaired by Councillor Sarah Hacker, Mayor of Reading, and facilitated by David Hill, the group agreed the Terms of Reference with minor changes.

Grant Thornton presented the draft aims and objectives for discussion and showed the links to Readings Culture and Heritage Strategy:

Aim: to allow every child and young person in Reading to have the opportunity to aspire , achieve and participate in high quality arts and culture

  • A specified number of children and young people who are unlikely to engage with arts and culture have engaged with activity
  • A specified number of children and young people gain Arts Award
  • A specified number of schools and colleges gain Artsmark or are working towards Artsmark principles

The group discussed what activity might go into forming the action plan. They also discussed collecting the baseline data and a proposed questionnaire to use in consulting children and young people on their engagement with arts and culture. Possible sources of funding were reviewed and how the group could ensure sustainability of activity for children and young people. Next steps were outlined with the next meeting timed for mid-May, once consultation with children and young people has taken place.


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