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Virtual Reality Workshop at The Curve in Slough 

Date Created: 17th Oct 2023

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To connect with the young minds of Slough, Artswork’s Young Cultural Changemakers programme recently conducted a Virtual Reality (VR) workshop at The Curve (link), Slough for young people between 14 and 18 years of age. This workshop was a response to a unique request from dedicated library volunteers who spent their 2023 summer holidays contributing to the Summer Reading Challenge. The young people from the Slough library volunteers group gathered at The Curve for an introduction to the world of virtual reality, thanks to Salt Hill VR (Link). The workshop delved into the realms of virtual reality and 3D scanning with iPads, offering the library volunteers a chance to witness 3D footage of live events that have unfolded in Slough. 

This footage featured the unforgettable visit of the Knife Angel sculpture in March 2023, created by the talented Alfie Bradley. The sculpture was a response to a knife amnesty that saw hundreds of knives turned in during 2015-16. The Knife Angel graced Slough for three weeks, and Salt Hill VR captured its essence with powerful 3D footage. This footage not only showcased the sculpture but also included live music events around it, along with interviews with police officers and paramedics, who shared their perspectives on the impact of knife crime on the lives of Slough residents. 

The young participants also got to experience a ride in a 3D lift and stepped off a city skyscraper. They watched tender 3D scenes of adoption and powerful stories of revolution, making this workshop a remarkable journey into the realm of virtual reality. 

During the workshop, the young people provided Artswork organisers with insights into the youth culture in Slough, with one significant message emerging— “you’ve really got to hook us to get us to turn up.” The workshop also shed light on the presence of toxic masculinity in the lives of young women in Slough, a phenomenon often accepted as the “way things are.” Identifying this issue and empowering the young women to research and find solutions proved to be a productive and helpful step in addressing this challenge. 

This workshop puts great emphasis on Artswork’s commitment to listening to and engaging with the youth, creating unique opportunities for them to express their thoughts and ideas. The insights gained from this workshop will play a vital role in conducting future creative projects aimed at enhancing local spaces and communities. Furthermore, these projects will be led by the creative young people of Slough. 

 This programme is made possible with support from Arts Council England. 


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