Arts Award Leadership Network

Led by Artswork, the Arts Award Leadership Network (AALN) is a growing movement of organisations and leaders across the South East dedicated to the sustainable development of Arts Award across all settings and levels.

Since the scheme began, combined Arts Award moderations have increased across participants within the network by up to 250%. Mentees in the programme enjoy unique access to expert peer mentors, who will support and guide them through a range of bespoke aims and objectives to firmly embed Arts Award into their work with children and young people. A typical outcome that we would expect to see is the mentor supporting the mentee to move from being a Supporter to becoming an active Centre, or supporting an organisation who wants to progress from delivering Discover to Explore, or from Bronze to Silver and Gold.

‘I was offered this support a couple of years back and it was very useful. As a result of the support we got £1500 from Trinity to support our Arts Award programmes that year’ 
Chris Slann, Executive Director, New Carnival Company, Mentee

In 2019 we are excited to be offering an additional strand of the programme by creating a linked Youth Arts Leadership Network. This will enable many organisations who might never have delivered Gold Arts Award to support a cohort of young cultural leaders across the south east. This group will be entirely peer led. It will aim to embed a culture of youth leadership, both within individual organisations and in a wider policy context. Young people could be recruited from within existing participant programmes, apprenticeships, work placements or other.

Arts Award Leadership Network Mentors

Arts Award Leadership Network Mentors are arts and cultural practitioners from across the South East, who have experience of leading Arts Award activities in a range of organisations and art forms. Current Mentors include Rose Kigwana (South East Dance), Helen Le Brocq (OYAP Trust), Ronda Gowland Pryde (Freelance practitioner), Julie Neville (Freelance practitioner) and Kathryn Mills (Delight).

Helen Le Brocq

“As one of the mentors on the Arts Awards Leadership Network, I am interested to work with organisations and people who need a little bit of help to find their own way through the challenges they are facing with the Arts Awards; perhaps a little sharing of expertise, a critical friend to talk plans through with, a bit of support and guidance when you need it. Whether you’re feeling a bit stuck, or want to grapple with a longer term and more strategic vision, AALN mentors are there to be the help you need.”

Ronda Gowland Pryde

‘Having been an Arts Award mentor within the network since it first started, I feel incredibly fortunate to work with such a wide range of arts organisations delivering Arts Award in so many different art forms. What has occurred to me throughout this time, is that Arts Award really enriches the professional practice of organisations and moreover, the young people and settings they work in partnership with. As an experienced Arts Award Advisor, I have learnt so much from the network of other advisors and mentee organisations through which an atmosphere of support, development and best practice has been a fundamental strength of the programme. Alongside that, a commitment to supporting more young people to access arts and culture in a meaningful way.’

Julie Neville

“Being part of the Arts Award Leadership Network gives centres and advisers some rare time and space to explore not only what they want to achieve through Arts Award but also their own personal development aims. It’s a great form of CPD with the ultimate outcome that benefits the young people you work with.Those of us who deliver the mentoring role in the Arts Award Leadership Network have a wide variety of youth arts backgrounds.  We learn a lot and support each other as a network, sharing experiences and resources, but we also continuously develop our own knowledge and practice by working closely with our mentees and learning from their expertise in the sector too.”

For more information about Arts Award, visit our Arts Award page

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