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Our work with employers

We work with employers in the creative and cultural sector to deliver employability projects and apprenticeships, providing young people with the opportunity to gain practical experience and build their skills and confidence while they learn on the job.

We are highly experienced in delivering work-based learning jobs and placements designed to suit both employers and the young people working with them. We work hard for employers and young people to provide meaningful employment, supported by tailored learning and enhanced by an enrichment programme designed to build team skills and leadership.

We do this through our Creative Apprenticeship Programme, the Creative Skills Portsmouth programme, and Creativity Plus.

“A was home schooled, had little or no confidence in herself or her abilities and was unable to work in a group of her peers or completely independent work. With support from her assessor and tutors, she truly blossomed, finishing her apprenticeship, passing an ICT qualification, and appearing on BBC Radio, to talk about her experience as an apprentice. She is now thriving in a full time job in the textiles industry.”
(Anna Brown, Apprenticeship Programme Manager)

Giving young people the chance to gain nationally recognised skills and qualifications alongside work experience placements will equip them for a brighter future. We want to broaden young people’s horizons, and we need your help to make it happen.

“Being part of the Creative Apprenticeship Programme and supporting a young person to develop new skills is a very important part of the arts infrastructure. It is really important for Making Space and me as a Director to offer opportunities to work in the arts.”
(Lynne, Employer)

If you are a creative, cultural or heritage organisation interested in introducing young people to a career in the sector, then please get in touch, via [email protected] or on 02380 332491.

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Creativity Plus

Creativity Plus is about growing and securing the future of an innovative programme of creative work-based learning in the Southampton area and beyond.

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The Creative and Cultural Industries Employer Network

Since 2010, we have been working with the Partnership for urban South Hampshire (PUSH) to develop an employer-led approach through partnerships with the creative industries and training providers, in order to diversify the workforce of tomorrow.

The Network consists of cultural and creative employers, FE Colleges, Universities, and learning and cultural agencies.

The Creative Apprenticeships programme we began in 2012, forms part of the ongoing legacy of this work.

Working with the Creative and Cultural Industries Employers Network, we have submitted three successful bids to the Creative Employment Programme (run by Creative and Cultural Skills), for wage subsidies for learners.

Together, we have also:

  • Established a Network of 100 plus members from across different areas of work
  • Promoted awareness of training skills development and work-based learning, with a focus on helping young people seeking work in the sector
  • Brought together a wide range of training providers to deliver formalised, work-based learning
  • Delivered pre-employability/pre-apprenticeship Summer schools
  • Explored ways of overcoming the sector’s reliance on unpaid volunteers and interns















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