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For many teachers, heads and governors, the impact of Artsmark stretches far beyond increased creativity in their students with benefits such as improved communication with parents and boosted moral of teaching staff observed:


"We saw a significant increase in parental involvement during Artsweek and this had a positive effect throughout the school year; it opened up lines of communication between many parents and teaching staff; it has meant that more parents are involved as 'Parent-helpers'; and Children were able to observe that many of their parents possessed amazing art skills." Quote from Mrs A.Gibb of Liphook Infant School in quote bubble next to image of teacher speaking from the seated crowd to his peers at our 2017 Celebration event


An extract from: SPOTLIGHT ON… Oxfordshire Hospital School

Words: Oxford Hospital School staff

The arts are a firm part of the OHS School development plan. The collaborative projects that started as part of our Artsmark journey have been gathering momentum and are now an integral part of the school’s timetable. Using the arts as a springboard for circular-work is something that is constantly being developed and explored at the school.

Our Viral Footprints project sees the school working with artist and scientist, Lizzie Burns, to better understand viruses. The work uses visual imagery to show the patterns and intricacy of viruses, as revealed with an electron microscope and computer-generated models. All students are encouraged to experiment with materials to see what unique virus designs emerge.

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