Arts Award

Supporting young people to unlock their creative potential

Arts Award offers children and young people a journey of personal, creative discovery; the results of which continue to echo through all aspects of their lives for years to come!

From fashion to sculpture, rapping to writing, dance to poetry, Arts Award enables young people to make connections with and participate in the diverse and exciting world we call ‘the arts’, turning their passion or curiosity into a recognised qualification.

The 5 levels of Arts Award support those up to the age of 25 to explore different art forms in increasing depth as they grow and develop new skills, experiences, confidence and interests.

Young people can start at whichever level suits their current learning and development. All levels develop valuable life skills in young people such as communication, organisational and leadership skills which transfer seamlessly to other contexts and situations- preparing them for further education and employment. With a focus on independent working and entrepreneurialism, Arts award encourages young people to not only seek new opportunities but create their own.

Trinity College London manages Arts Award in association with Arts Council England.
Arts Award can be used with any arts or cultural activity, and can be offered in any organisation – including schools, colleges, theatres, galleries, museums, libraries, arts centres, heritage organisations, alternative education provisions, performing groups, youth justice settings, youth clubs or community groups and healthcare services.

For many children and young people Arts Award validates their existing artistic interests or activity but for others it can be their first opportunity to think and work creatively. Whether those who achieve Arts Award go on to be the next generation of artists and art leaders or have simply found a lifelong hobby; they will have gained creativity and professional skills for life.

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