Arun Inspires: creative careers EXPOs

Creative Careers can feel remote and mystified and yet the creative industries is one of the fastest growing and most future proofed p[arts of the UK economy, growing 5 times faster than the national economy in 2020 (report).

The Arun Inspires Creative Careers EXPOs are events that broaden understanding of and access to creative careers for local students prior to taking their GCSE Options. The events are run in partnership with Cultureshift and volunteers from a wide range of local businesses. They use workshops plus structured interactions to showcase the work of a range of creative industry careers, particularly those which may be less visible or well known including Game Design, Costume Design, Marketing and Placemaking plus the ways creativity is used within other workplace contexts.

The first two Creative Careers EXPOS were held with full Year 9 groups at The Littlehampton Academy and The Regis Schools in February and March 2020. You can download a Report here about who was involved, what happened and what students thought.

The EXPO programme will relaunch after Covid in the academic Year 2021-22, and updates will appear here.

Learn more about Arun Inspires by visiting the programme homepage here.

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