Artswork Audio Special: Artsmark Trainer Interviews

Date Created: 10th Nov 2021

Artswork Audio: Artsmark Celebration Week Special. Brought to you by Artswork

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In this special episode of Artswork Audio, for Artsmark Celebration Week, we interviewed four of our Artsmark Trainers, Fiona, John, Julie and Sonia.

We asked them four questions:

– What are you inspired by from Artsmark?

– What’s your favourite thing about Artsmark?

– How did you become an Artsmark Trainer?

– Why would you recommend Artsmark to schools?

These interviews have been split into two parts, with the other half available as an article. To read it, click here.

Listen to the podcast below, or listen on AnchorFM, Castbox, or Spotify.

Run time: 12 minutes

To find out more about Artsmark, click here.


Artsmark Artswork Audio For teachers South East Bridge

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