Cultural Education Partnership Fundraising, Communications and Evaluation

Date Created: 7th Sep 2021

As a combined force, the partners in a CEP stand a greater chance of raising funds than they would alone.

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Cultural Education Partnerships (CEPs) were launched nationally in 2015 in response to Arts Council England’s Cultural Education Challenge, with a focus on supporting children and young people’s arts and cultural opportunities within their specific locality.

The ability to raise funds, and high-quality communications and evaluation, are all key to the running of a successful Cultural Education Partnership. This resource shares some of the different approaches to these used by CEPs in the South East.

This resource is the one of a series of resources developed by Artswork to support Cultural Education Partnerships in their planning, evolution and strategic conversations. The full set of resources can be found here

The content for these resources has been drawn from a 2019 developmental evaluation, carried out for Artswork by Ben Sandbrook/World Pencil, of 13 Cultural Education Partnerships in the South East, including data analysis, structured interviews with CEP members and Artswork staff, and an online survey

A full list of current South East Cultural Education Partnerships can be found here



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