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Guide for Schools: Basics of Live Streaming

Date Created: 6th Jul 2022

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One of the many disappointments caused by the pandemic were the much-anticipated shows and performances that were made impossible due to the social distancing rules. For students, and teachers, that had rehearsed and prepared for events due to be held in the spring and summer of 2020 the disappointment was immediate, but it also left teachers a longer-term headache as the months went on. How could their students learn to perform without an audience? 

This was a topic discussed by the BOBMK Secondary Champions from The Kennet, Thatcham, Shenley Brook End School, Milton Keynes and Larkmead School, Abingdon. From that conversation this resource was born.

The Kennet was fortunate to have the equipment and staff expertise to live stream their events and so ensure the show could go on – albeit virtually. It may seem like the need for live streaming is now over, however Kennet have found that it can augment live shows and be used in other ways to increase reach and engagement. 

The BOBMK Secondary Champions are:

Sam Martin, Assistant Headteacher, The Kennet School, Thatcham

Claire Wright, Assistant Headteacher, Shenley Brook End School, Milton Keynes

Andrea Phillips, Head of Art, Larkmead School, Abingdon

This resource aims to cover the basics of live streaming and provide the technical language and terminology that will enable those new to streaming to lobby leadership and or get started.

Click the button below to download their guide for live-streaming:



BOBMK Guide Live Secondary Schools Streaming

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