Harry Holder

Events Assistant (Communications Team)

Harry is the events assistant working in the communications team. He has lived in the Winchester area for almost his whole life (moving from South London when he was about 1). He has always been a creative person, coming from a very musical family, playing the piano, violin and doing a little bit of singing. In year 4 he was awarded a music scholarship at Salisbury Cathedral School, where he was for 3 years until going to a state secondary school in Winchester.

He did A Levels at Peter Symonds College, where he found a love for photography. This led him to studying Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the University of Gloucestershire before leaving at the end of the first year last Summer. Harry wanted to combine his creative mind with his interest in making the world a more interesting and creative place and found Artswork the perfect place to do that.


Favourite hobby: Going to watch Saints play (and usually lose)

Favourite song: I am the Resurrection by The Stone Roses

Favourite film: Pulp Fiction

Environmental Pledge: To not use the printer excessively

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