black and white photo of Lucy

Lucy-Jane Fitzpatrick

Senior Manager, Communications and Development

Lucy joined Artswork in August 2012 as Communications Manager. For the past 13 years, she has worked in Arts Marketing and has a keen interest in all things digital and a rather large print stash!

Lucy has had a range of great experiences in her previous work, from arranging photo shoots to marketing campaigns and she relishes the creativity her line of work brings. She also enjoys letting out her inner analyst, with strong data and research underpinning her work.

Favourite film: Bugsy Malone (A childhood favourite that still makes me happy)

Favourite book: Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife – Sam Savage (A story about a rat who can read – I couldn’t put it down!)

Favourite album: OK Computer – Radiohead (Reminds me of university and travelling on the train from Kent to Newcastle)


Environmental pledge: To give up the small bin at my desk and use the main bin and recycling facilities instead.

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