black and white photo of Panni Loh

Panni Loh


Panni Loh is a motivated international artist and post-doctoral researcher with a track record of internationally exhibited and award winning art in Asia, Australia and Europe, published papers and internationally presented conference proceedings, having organised and coordinated international conferences, events and exhibitions. In 2010 she was awarded an art practice-based PhD from Manchester Metropolitan University using qualitative research and autoethnographical research. She utilises a creative approach to finding solutions to address intercultural understanding, within higher education and public spaces.

Panni also works for Sheffield’s Ignite Imaginations as Project Coordinator managing a range of creative projects within the community working in collaboration with Universities, Third Sector organisations and community groups responding to social concerns and of those marginalised in society. Panni is also an Independent Qualified Social Worker having worked for Social Services in Children and Families including the assessment of adoption and foster carers with a focus on children and young people with disabilities.

Panni also has a background in education and is qualified with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education having led a variety of educational courses for the Worker’s Educational Association and community organisations as well as coordinating extended services provision for Sheffield City Council. She has experience of working in the private, voluntary and statutory sectors such as Ruskin Mill Educational Trust (Practical Skills Therapeutic Education); Sheffield Hallam University, Millenium Galleries and the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennalle. Panni has coordinated arts projects for over 15 years that include Green City Action, Firth Park Community Arts College, Manchester Metropolitan University and Ignite Imaginations.

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