Head and shoulders photo of Victoria

Victoria Edwards


Victoria joined Artswork in 2019 as one of two Young Trustees on our board. Since leaving school, Victoria has been working in the arts in various capacities from a workshop assistant to marketing, and as trustee of the community based craft organisation Making Space. Artswork’s mission is close to Victoria’s heart as a passionate advocate for creativity and culture in the lives of all children and young people and she is keen to give back to the arts wherever possible.

Victoria is currently working towards an apprenticeship in project management and hopes to be able to use the skills she is learning in the arts sector in future.

In her spare time Victoria enjoys painting, exercising at the gym and volunteering for different causes.

Favourite way to find artistic inspiration: Forest walks

Favourite pastime: Helping other young people’s voices be heard

Favourite book: Too many to choose from!

Environmental Pledge: I will continue to use public transport to reduce my carbon footprint as well as reduce my paper use or recycle whenever possible. 

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