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Boost Your Wellbeing During Lockdown

In the current climate, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, worried, stressed and your brain feel a bit frazzled! Now more than ever, it’s important

Date Created: 30th Apr 2020

Close up of a framed black and white photograph of a school boy in shirt and tie with his head bowed

MK Gallery’s Mind the Gap exhibition

In 2017, MK’s Cultural Education Partnership, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and MK Council Public Health, jointly commissioned Artis and

Date Created: 17th Apr 2018

Cut out written phases displayed in a column which when put togther read 'I am..../ Good at putting on a smile/ a sad song playing on repeat/ broken/ a fixer/ Ignorant/ confused by life/ Feeling the weight of responsibility/ Always defying death/ Someone that likes pain: random/ Afraid about what I might miss out on/ A person who lives with ODD and ADHD/ Always dying my hair/ Wondering why.../ Very patient/ A student/ Constantly trying to better myself/ A person that likes playing football/ a person observing

RE/CREATIONS: Re-engaging Young Offenders

In Southampton, there has been a clear link between re-offending and lack of engagement with education. Over 50% of young people who worked with the

Date Created: 3rd Sep 2014