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Our Environmental Endeavour: Achieving Blue level accreditation

Date Created: 15th Jul 2023

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We are thrilled to share our latest environmental endeavour through the Steps to Environmental Management Scheme (STEM). This remarkable initiative, part of the Low Carbon Kent network, empowers organisations to elevate their environmental performance and make a positive impact for our planet.

The STEM programme involves a series of assessments and certifications (blue, silver and gold), inspired by nationally recognised accreditations like the Carbon Trust Standard and ISO 14001. By joining this transformative scheme, we aim to go beyond legal and ethical compliance, identifying and eliminating inefficiencies to save costs and resources.

Our journey began with achieving Blue level accreditation, signifying our commitment to environmental stewardship. With strong management support, we conducted a baseline assessment and have diligently tracked and analysed data on our environmental impact for nearly a decade. This has provided us with a profound understanding of the environmental footprint of our creative endeavours and business operations.

As we look ahead, we’re setting our sights on the Silver level accreditation, a testament to our dedication in fostering a sustainable future. We are updating our Environmental Action Plan for 2023-26, and this formalisation of our approach aligns with our mission to integrate carbon reduction targets practices across all aspects of our organisation.

Yet, our ultimate goal is the Gold accreditation. We are determined to demonstrate leadership and play our part in the transformation towards a net-zero society. We firmly believe that every sector, including the arts and creativity, has a pivotal role in shaping a greener and more equitable future.

Arts and creativity possess immense power to inspire change, broaden horizons, and ignite the passion for environmental activism. We are committed to listening and learning from diverse voices, including children, young people, artists, practitioners, and experts. By embracing their insights, ideas, and experiences, we envision a new narrative where environmental justice and sustainable solutions thrive.

As we embark on this environmental journey, we invite all our partners, stakeholders, and supporters to join us towards a brighter, greener future. Stay tuned for exciting updates and our progress reports as we go along!


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